EcoKids thrives to connect the soul to the soil where every child learns the value of being a responsible and sensitive citizen of this planet. This is our home and we must love, care and protect for it. Every child could make a difference and through EcoKids, a child not just learns to give back but also enjoys his rendezvous with nature and the environment.

Dear Nature Enthusiast,

I, Smita Kharbanda welcome you with open wide arms to become a part of an enriching journey called EcoKids.

EcoKids is an initiative to inculcate interactive learning and caring for Mother Earth in every child's heart. Through interactive learning, EcoKids promises you sunshine memories, interesting games creativity galore and fun-filled times in the lap of Mother Nature.

An avid nature lover, I began working for an eco-awareness class in 1995 and gradually it blossomed into EcoKids in 2009. Since then, EcoKids has leaped from garden to garden and spread its wings in promoting gardening, vermiculture, eco-friendly birthday parties, eco-friendly gifting and above all sensitizing our children to the bounty of Mother Nature.

All this comes from the EcoKids belief that our environment needs to be looked after with love and care. Our gardens can be the playground to millions of children blending science with nature, logic with love, thus giving birth to an entire generation of intelligent, caring and happy people.

Your child could be one of us. Welcome to the EcoKids website, a site that tells you all that you should know and all that you can do to make this earth a greener, healthier and happier place to live in.

Smita Kharbanda,
Nature Lover & EcoKids Founder