EcoKids thrives to connect the soul to the soil where every child learns the value of being a responsible and sensitive citizen of this planet. This is our home and we must love, care and protect for it. Every child could make a difference and through EcoKids, a child not just learns to give back but also enjoys his rendezvous with nature and the environment.

Where Nature and Science become best friends…

Eco Kids gives Bombay’s Urban kids an opportunity to experience growing their own plants, an activity which is missing in their lives currently. It is time for today’s Kids to realize the importance of a holistic and natural life. The cycle of what we grow is what we eat is explained to them so that they are more aware of the source of their food, thus instilling a sense of responsibility towards reducing food wastage. Through our workshops, we hope that the kids realize the sweat and toil that goes in the whole process of farming. Additionally, the importance of organic farming is explained with the aim of making their food choices more sustainable.

We offer a varied list of workshops, and have profiled a few popular ones below:

Gardening Classes for Children
Age Group: 3 to 12
Time: 1 hour to 2 hours.
We also conduct personalised workshops if you make your own group at your preferred venue



1. Hands on Gardening
8 Sessions
2. Lets bloom together 8 sessions
3. Herb Garden 8 Sessions
4. Potato Patch 8 sessions
5. Koolcontainer 8 Sessions
6.Grow your own Pizza Patch 8 sessions

Workshop: Hands on Gardening
Age: 4-9 Years
Timing: 1 Hour
Description: We teach children the basics, where they are taught fundamental concepts and experience hands on gardening. These concepts are taught through a series of games, stories and craft.
Learning's: Sowing, Digging, Weeding and Watering

Workshop:Vermiculture & Recycling
Age: 6-12 Years
Timing: 1 Hour
Description: Through this workshop, children are sensitised towards nature by understanding why they should reduce and recycle things that are wasted/thrown away. They are introduced to the types of Soil and will paint Eco Friendly Cloth Bags.
Learning's: Difference and importance of Biodegradable & Non-Biodegradable, , Sustainability

Workshop: Mom 'n' Child
Age: 4 + Years
Timing: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Description: This workshop is just like the hands on gardening experience, but it involves participation of both the mother and child. Activities include Leaf Craft, Painting pots and planting an indoor sapling.
Learning's: Creating a bond over being more eco-conscious in your daily lives

Workshop: Grow your own Pizza
Age: 4-9 Years
Timing: 1 Hour
Description: Children are introduced to various herbs and are taught how to actually grow a herb or two. They will make their own whole wheat pizza - chopping their own vegetables and discussing the taste. They are also introduced to global food habits through a game.
Learning's: Organic farming and its importance, Introduction to healthy cooking and Various food habits


1. Waste separation and recycling 2 days
2. Vermiculture and Composting 2 days
3. Global Warming 2 days
4. Solar Cooking 2 days


1.Flower power Monday - Saturday
2.All about leaves Monday - Saturday
3.Landscaping Monday - Saturday
4.Kooking with Kids Monday - Saturday