EcoKids thrives to connect the soul to the soil where every child learns the value of being a responsible and sensitive citizen of this planet. This is our home and we must love, care and protect for it. Every child could make a difference and through EcoKids, a child not just learns to give back but also enjoys his rendezvous with nature and the environment.

You are invited for 'My Happy-Green Day'…

Birthdays are the best time of the year. When you couple your child’s special day with lots of eco-friendly and fun-filled moments, you are surely giving your child the ‘Best Birthday Gift Ever!’

EcoKids and Mother Nature are your party planners. So get set for some adventurous treasure hunts, colorful pot painting sessions, and lots of fun and laughter. The entire birthday is themed around eco-friendly surprises, to an extent where even the serving plates are made of leaves or recycled materials.

A tech toy nevertheless useful could eventually become a bane in your child's life giving rise to health issues like obesity and weak eyes at a very young age. But fresh air, physical activity, laughter and the urge to give back will keep your child happily occupied. The choice is yours!

Exciting Themes coming soon!