EcoKids thrives to connect the soul to the soil where every child learns the value of being a responsible and sensitive citizen of this planet. This is our home and we must love, care and protect for it. Every child could make a difference and through EcoKids, a child not just learns to give back but also enjoys his rendezvous with nature and the environment.

"If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live."

― Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life of the Bee

Did you know how powerful a tiny bee could be? Or how strength has more to do with virtue than size?

Yes. Mother Nature has plenty to teach us, only, if we are listening. A tiny sapling planted in the soil spreads its roots and makes the soil its home. When this sapling is given adequate sunshine, water and care it grows into a plant bearing flowers and fruits. From flower and fruits starts the stage of regeneration when the pollen of the flower or the seed of the fruit falls in to the soil and becomes a new sapling and the same cycle repeats itself. We owe our ecosystem much more than we can imagine as the flora and fauna work hard to fulfill our lives with aromas, tastes, eye-pleasing sights and joy.

EcoKids brings you a variety of offerings all connected to YOU giving back to Mother Nature. Activities ranging from growing your own pizza patch (the secret to the best pizzas: - fresh ingredients!!!) to herb gardens, vermiculture, recycling, sustenance of the earth and many more.

An avid nature lover born in New Delhi and brought up in a town called Patna, she has always felt at home amidst nature.

Smita has completed the ''Early Child Education Course'' from Sophia Polytechnic in 1989. She went on to teach in some well-known schools of Mumbai, amongst them Green Lawns & Palm Beach. She has been spreading awareness about the environment since 1995. By conducting gardening and eco-friendly classes for young children. She still has a child lurking in her. A mother of three children you will find her being the biggest child at heart. Adventure and love for life is a fire that rages within her.

"NATURE is a balm for me when I get hurt. I talk to my ''trees'' in solidarity and they support me, because nature is never judgmental" says Smita.

She was affiliated with ‘The Little Gardener’ Classes for a while until she branched out on her own. She went on to start ‘EcoKids’ in 2009 and has not looked back since. She has worked with kids from the age 3 upto 12, instilling in them the importance of nature and the environment. She feels today’s children are extremely absorbed with their fast paced lifestyles that it is a challenge to sensitize them to nature and make them appreciate nature's bounty. The balance, which must be attained in order to live in harmony with nature, is a very important lesson she likes to teach her kids.

As part of her Social Responsibility Initiative, she holds sessions for Akanksha, RMM School and the Ahura Support Group in Mumbai. Smita was also responsible for starting vermiculture in her building..

Ilesha, having studied a Masters in Economics from the University of Warwick (UK), now works as a Strategy Consultant in Mumbai. However, Ilesha has been associated with EcoKids since its inception - regularly modifying the curriculum, creating a brand and promoting it in the city. Ilesha is extremely passionate about Renewable energy and Sustainability, understanding the importance of sensitizing urban children right from a young age. Even though her job as a consultant can be very demanding, she makes it a point to spend time developing EcoKids as it provides her the perfect balance.